Pockit Prepaid MasterCard Card – A Review

We trust that you find this Pockit Prepaid Card review of interest that is one of several prepaid cards available in the UK. In it we cover such things as who can apply for the card including people with a bad credit history, how it can be used at outlets displaying the MasterCard symbol and what the Pockit Card fees are.

What is the Pockit Prepaid Card?

The Pockit Prepaid Mastercard card that is provided when you open a Pockit Account has your name, card number, a place for your signature and a chip and pin facility. You can load money onto the card in a variety of ways and can spend only what is available on the card either by making purchases of goods or services in the likes of high street shops, online or over the phone or you can withdraw cash at ATMs both in the UK and other countries worldwide. Therefore, you may find it useful in helping with your budgeting.

Do bear in mind that the Pockit Account is not a traditional bank current account so it does not offer such services as a debit card linked directly to a bank current account or the facility to pay your regular household bills by direct debit and/or standing order from the Pockit Account.

There are a number of alternatives to the above account/prepaid card such as the CardOneBanking Current Account that you may wish to look into and compare.

Who can apply for a Pockit Card?

The Pockit Prepaid Card is available to UK residents who are over the age of 18 although up to 3 additional cards can be provided to the likes of family members of the main cardholder as long as they are at least 13 years of age.

So, whether you are, for instance, employed, self employed, unemployed, retired or a university student you may apply. As no credit check is carried out it is also suitable for someone with a poor credit record.

How do you apply?

You complete an online application form that is quick and simple to fill in. Pockit will need to go through a process of verifying your identity and address in order to provide a “Full Limit Card”. If the company is unable to verify this information automatically it will issue you with a “Lower Limit Card” until such time as they are able to satisfactorily verify your identity and address when it will consider issuing you with the former type of card. (see their website for details of both types of card).

The Pockit MasterCard card is normally issued within 3 to 5 days.

It costs 99p to apply for a card.

What can the Pockit Prepaid Card be used for?

It can be used to take cash out at ATMs around the world and to purchase goods in high street shops, online or over the phone or to pay for services such as cinema tickets wherever the MasterCard symbol.is displayed.

When using the card at certain participating outlets you receive cashback that is paid onto your prepaid card for you to use as you so wish.

There are limits relating to the amount that can be loaded onto the card and how much can be withdrawn at ATMs details of which are available on the website of Pockit.

How can you load money onto the card?

Cash can be loaded onto the card at thousands of UK PayPoint outlets, by bank transfer, your benefits or salary can be put onto the card and you can use your debit card to load monies online onto the Pockit Prepaid MasterCard.

How else can you manage the card?

You can go online and log into your Pockit Account via your mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer and do things like view your available balance and a statement of your transactions on the card.

What are the fees?

There is a quarterly maintenance fee of 99p.

Each card costs 99p to issue.

To make cash withdrawals at ATMs in the UK and to load cash onto the card at PayPoint locations costs 99p for each transaction.

International ATM cash withdrawals cost £2.25 per transaction. There is a foreign exchange fee of 4%.

There are no charges for using the card to make purchases or by BACs.

There will be a fee of 99p per debit card load from 1st February 2017.

For full details of fees and to check that the above fees are up to date please refer to the company’s website before applying.


The Pockit Prepaid Card is one of several prepaid cards available in the UK and can be used at millions of outlets around the world both to purchase items and to withdraw cash where the MasterCard symbol is displayed. The Pockit Card can be loaded with money in a number of ways and has an easy to understand fee structure. A variety of people including those with an adverse credit rating may apply.