Read our eccount money review

We trust that you find the following eccount money review of benefit. It is one of several reviews we have undertaken about similar guaranteed bank accounts for people with bad credit. We discuss things like how to go about applying to open an eccount money current account and what sorts of services are provided such as a VISA prepaid card.

Who is eccount money?

It is the trading name of Tuxedo Moneyplus Limited that is a provider of e-money solutions. They provide a current account with a prepaid debit card.

Is a credit reference search carried out?

No, a credit check is not undertaken on anyone applying to open an eccount current account. Therefore, even if your credit rating is poor, perhaps because you have the likes of County Court Judgements (CCJs), defaults on credit cards or loans, have an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) in place or are either an undischarged or discharged bankrupt you are likely to be accepted for eccount banking.

Who can open an eccount money current account?

You will be pleased to read that bank accounts for bad credit such as the eaccount money current account do not have many criteria to fulfill.

You must be resident in the UK and a minimum of 18 years of age.It is suitable for the likes of those that are employed, self employed, unemployed or retired that require a personal bank account.

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How do you apply for an account?

You can apply online which should only take a few minutes as the company try to use electronic means to confirm your address and identify you. If they were unable to do this you would be asked to provide certain documents as an alternative.

What does the account provide?

Your wages, pension, benefits or salary can be paid straight into your eccountmoney current account.

Bank transfers can be made into your eccount.

Cash can be paid in at thousands of PayPoint locations (a charge applies)  or at the Post Office (no charge). You will need to hand your eccount money prepaid VISA card to the cashier. Cash that is paid in at PayPoint locations is credited to your eccount immediately. Cash paid in at Post Office branches is available in your eccount within 3 working days.

It is even possible to pay cheques in.

Your regular bills such as mortgage, council tax, gas, electric, rent and insurances can be paid by standing order which helps you to manage your regular household expenditure.

A prepaid VISA debit card is provided for your personal use. You can add funds to it by transferring money from the current account. This card can be used to withdraw cash at various ATM machines both in the UK and overseas where the VISA symbol is displayed. It can also be used to buy goods or services either online, in high street shops or over the telephone either in the UK or worldwide where the VISA symbol is on display.

eccount online banking is available to access your account 24/7 every day of the year. You can do a variety of things such as make amendments to payments, view recent transactions on your account, report your card stolen or lost and be reminded of your PIN number.

You can speak to a member of their customer care team based here in the UK who will assist you in managing your account.

You can use the telephone banking service 24/7 to do a number of things including checking your balance, managing your card, moving monies and loading your card.

You can use SMS banking through your mobile to do things like check your balance, transfer monies between your eccount and your card account, view recent transactions, report the loss or theft of your card and block or unblock your card.

You can also earn cashback rewards of up to 12% as a result of using your Visa debit card at certain retail outlets.

There is a free legal helpline available 24/7 to obtain advice on a variety of things such as family disputes, personal injury and employment matters.

How much does the eccount money current account cost?

The application fee is currently £12.50.

The administration fee is presently £12.50 per month.

Other usage fees are payable details of which you can find on the website of eccount.

Conclusion of our eccount money review

Our eccount money review is probably one of several that you can view on the Internet but we hope that you found ours informative. The eccount money current account is one of several such accounts that is suitable for individuals who have an adverse credit record and provides many of the services of a traditional high street bank current account.