Current Accounts With Poor Credit

We provide reviews of a number of current accounts offered by some specialist financial companies that we trust will help you in your decision making process if you have a poor credit history and are looking for a suitable UK account to conduct your day to day personal banking.

Do remember that similar ones are provided by many of the high street banks so you may wish to do some of your own research.

Below are some of the options:-

There are other such providers here in the UK that you may be able to source through the likes of the Internet. The more comparisons that you can make the better as this will help you in deciding which one you feel is the most suitable to meet your own personal requirements. As part of this process you should also take into account how much some of these companies may charge such as an application fee, monthly administration fee and ATM fees. If you want any further information before applying you can always give them a call to ask any questions to help you with your due diligence. It is quite possible that once you have chosen whom to open an account with that you will stay with them for quite some time so it is important that you select the correct one.