Bad Credit Bank Accounts

We review a number of bad credit bank accounts in this section that we hope will assist you in making a decision if you are looking to open an account. Many of these providers offer similar current account services to the major high street banks but fees are often payable that may not be charged by the major banks.

For instance, they tend to provide the likes of a debit card that enables you to withdraw cash at ATMS and puchase goods in shops and online. You may also be able to use the card overseas which would prove useful if you are travelling abroad with your family on holiday or if you are making an overseas business trip. You may be able to set up direct debits and/or standing orders to pay regular bills such as council tax, electricity, gas, water and your car loan repayments. You may be able to have your salary, wages and pension paid directly into your account and there may be the option for you to pay cash into the account.

So, why not spend some time reading our reviews of a number of bad credit bank accounts such as the Cashplus Account. In some cases, it may be possible to apply online for one of these accounts.