Read Our Acorn Account Review

This Acorn Account review reveals that it provides you with many of the features and benefits of a high street bank current account such as a prepaid debit card. It is suitable to apply for if you have a poor credit history as no credit check is undertaken. In this review we cover things like how you apply to open the account, what services are provided such as paying your bills by direct debit and how much the account costs.

Who can apply to open the Acorn Current Account?

It is suitable for anyone who is at least 18 years of age and resident in the UK. So, if you are employed, self-employed, unemployed or retired then you may wish to consider it.

How can you open an Acorn Account?

You can either complete the online application form or telephone Acorn and speak with a member of staff. The application process is normally quick and simple and should only take a few minutes especially as no credit check is carried out.

The company will need to confirm your identity and address which are normally done by electronic means. If this is not possible, they may need to ask you to provide documents to verify these things.

You will be sent a welcome pack together with a wages mandate and the prepaid debit card.

What services are provided?

It provides many of the services of a high street bank. For instance, you can speak to an account manager to help run your current account.

You will be provided with the Acorn Account Prepaid Debit MasterCard® Card that can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs as well as pay for items and services in shops, over the phone and online. The card can be used at millions of worldwide locations.

You can arrange to have your wages, salary, benefits or pension paid directly into your billing account. You can also pay cash and/or cheques into your account through branches of Barclays Bank and can pay cash into your account via the Post Office.Having set aside the required monies to meet your bills the remaining monies are transferred onto the above card.

Direct debits and standing orders can be set up so that it is easy to pay your regular bills such as your mortgage, rent, council tax, utility bills and insurance policies.

You can manage your account online to do a number of things such as checking your balance and setting up standing orders. You can speak to your personal account manager or receive your balance via text.

You cannot have a cheque book or overdraft facility.

How much does the account cost?

It does not cost anything to apply to open an account.

It costs an administration fee of £14.50 per month to provide the account. If you wish to add a second person to the account, it costs an extra £5 per month. ATM withdrawals in the UK cost 50 p per transaction. Other charges apply so please view these on their website.


The Acorn Account is one of several such current accounts that we have carried out reviews of that are considered suitable for people that have a bad credit rating. It provides many of the services of a traditional high street bank account but for a fee such as the ability to pay money in, withdraw your funds in cash and purchase items online using a card and pay your regular bills by direct debit and/or standing order. You may also wish to compare it with some of the other similar accounts such as the CardOneMoney Account.