The Yes Card – A Review

The Yes Card review may help you decide if it is a product that you may find of benefit. Do bear in mind that it is a UK catalogue card and not a credit card. The card can only be used towards paying for various goods that have been purchased specifically from a particular retail online outlet and people with a bad credit record can apply.

Who is allowed to submit an application for the Yes Card?

You have to be resident in the UK, over the age of 18 and have a debit or credit card in your name. A credit check is not carried out so applicants with a poor credit rating are considered.

What is the application process?

In order to apply for the Yes Card you must complete the application form online that is then quickly assessed that includes verifying your identity and address.

What is the credit limit?

The unsecured credit limit is for £2,500 that can be used to help buy things from the specific online retail store.

What can the card be used for?

It is a catalogue card that can only be used to buy items on the website “” that is an exclusive shopping club. There are numerous items that can be purchased including electrical appliances such as TVs and DVD players, luggage, furniture, fridge/freezer and kettles.

When buying something on the above website you have to pay 15% of the cost of the item plus the delivery charge using the debit or credit card that you used when applying to open the YesCard. The remaining 85% cost of the item you are buying can be paid for using the Yes Card.

There are other catalogue cards available such as the Choice Freedom Gold Card that you may wish to compare.

What other benefits are there?

There is a benefits package that includes gadget insurance, breakdown cover and a 90-day credit report that has email and text alerts with the package costing £14.95 per month. You are automatically provided with these benefits but, if these benefits are not of interest to you, then you can phone up to cancel the monthly fee.

The Yes Card may help improve your credit rating.

Are there any fees payable?

No interest is payable on purchases.

You have to pay a one-off enrollment fee of £29.95 by debit or credit card when applying for the Yes Card.

There is a monthly benefit fee of £14.95 pm for the benefits mentioned earlier but you can telephone the company and inform them that you wish to opt out of receiving the benefits and cancel the monthly fee.

There is a delivery charge payable for items purchased that varies in amount depending upon things like the size of the products.

Do check the company’s website before applying to see if there are any other fees.

How do you repay the amount outstanding on the Yes Card?

Each month you receive a statement of the amount outstanding on the card. You must pay back a minimum of 15% of the amount outstanding each month using the debit or credit card that you used when applying for the card. If you so wish you can pay back a larger sum each month including paying off the full outstanding balance.


The Yes Card may appeal if you like to purchase certain products online and have an adverse credit history. Although no interest is payable on purchases, you may wish to compare the cost of buying these items through the above website with purchasing them from other retail outlets to help decide if it is financially viable. By having the card it may be able to assist in improving your credit rating. You may wish to refer to the catalogue card company’s website and the website of the exclusive retail outlet and read all the information on them before applying for the card.