Choice Freedom Gold Card – The Review

We hope that you find this Choice Freedom Gold Card review of assistance in deciding if the card is of interest to you. It is not a credit card like the ones offered by banks here in the UK but is a catalogue card that provides an unsecured credit limit enabling you to purchase a variety of items through an exclusive online retail outlet as well as providing some other potential benefits. You can even apply online for the Choice Freedom Card if you have a poor credit record.

Who can apply for the Choice Freedom Gold Card?

In order to apply for above Choice Freedom Card you must be at least 18 years of age and resident in the UK. You must also have either a bank or building society account, valid debit card or credit card. Those people with a poor credit history can apply as no credit check is undertaken with the credit reference agencies.

How can you apply?

You can apply online which is simple to do and only takes a few minutes. Your application will be assessed with this process including confirming your identity.

What credit limit is provided on the card?

You are provided with an unsecured credit limit of £500 but this can be varied by the company.

What can you use the Choice Freedom Gold Card for?

You are only allowed to use the card to purchase items through the Choice Freedom Outlet online shopping store.

The range of products includes things like clothing and footwear for men, women and children, accessories such as belts, jewellery and beauty products. Items for the home may be bought such as sheets for the bed, small appliances and towels. You can buy power tools, gardening products, luggage, DVDs, sports goods and many other items.

You cannot use the card to purchase goods or services in any other shops either in a high street, online or over the phone or withdraw cash at ATMs which is something that you can usually do with adverse credit credit cards.

There are other catalogue cards available in the UK such as the Yes Card that you may wish to look into.

Are there any other benefits?

There is a mandatory membership benefit plan that costs £14.95 per month that includes optical discounts, dental discounts, hearing discounts, aesthetics discounts, legal services and roadside assistance.

As information is provided to at least one of the credit reference agencies as to how you conduct your Choice Freedom Gold Card account it may help improve your credit rating.

Are there any fees/charges?

There is an account validation and card issue fee of £29.95.

There is a membership benefit plan fee of £14.95 pm that we have mentioned earlier.

There is no interest payable on the outstanding balance on the Choice Freedom Gold Merchandise Card.

There is a delivery charge payable to have items that you purchase through the Choice Freedom Outlet online shopping store delivered to you.

For other fees/charges please refer to the companies website before applying.

How do you pay back the outstanding amount on your Choice Freedom Card?

You will be sent a statement on a monthly basis. At very least, you must pay a minimum monthly payment of either £10 or 5% of the balance outstanding on the card. If the balance owed is less than £10 then you must pay off the full amount outstanding.

The monthly payment can be paid by direct debit, cheque, bank transfer or via the credit card or debit card details that were supplied to the company when applying for the card.

You can also pay back more than the minimum monthly payment requested i.e. the full balance outstanding.


The Choice Freedom Gold Card may be of particular benefit to someone that has a bad credit record who is happy to purchase a range of products online and feels that they will also enjoy the benefits provided under the membership benefit plan i.e. dental discounts, roadside assistance etc. You will need to decide yourself if you feel the benefits are worth the fee of £14.95 per month. It is pleasing to see that no interest is payable on the balance outstanding on the above Choice Freedom Card. Please refer to the websites in relation to the card, the shopping outlet and membership benefit plan for full details of this product before deciding if it is suitable for you.