Catalogue Cards For People With Bad Credit

There are a number of companies in the UK that issue catalogue cards to some customers with a bad credit history to buy goods on their specific online catalogue shopping website with no credit check usually being undertaken.

Who is allowed to submit an application for a bad credit catalogue card?

The criteria may vary between providers of such cards but you would need to be a UK resident and be over the age of 18. You may also need to have a current account with the likes of a bank along with a debit card. Many people with a poor credit rating may apply.

How are you able to submit an application?

This is usually completed online and is a quick process. Although no credit check is usually undertaken your identity and address will need to be confirmed.

How do catalogue cards for bad credit work?

If your application for the card were successful, you would be provided with a limit that could range from a few hundred pounds to considerably more dependent upon the criteria of the company.

You decide what item(s) you wish to purchase from the online catalogue store and you can then pay for the item(s) using your catalogue card. There may be delivery costs that you may need to pay for by some other means such as by using your bank debit card.

You will then need to make monthly repayments based upon a % of the amount outstanding on the card with a minimum amount being payable. You can usually pay off the full balance at any point.

Are there any fees?

There may be an application fee payable when applying for the catalogue card and there may be a membership fee should the catalogue company provide a membership benefit plan that may include certain potential lifestyle benefits.

A delivery charge may be payable for goods that you have bought.

Please refer to the individual company’s website for full details of any fees before applying for a catalog card.

Is any interest payable on the outstanding balance on the catalogue card?

Interest may not be payable with some cards such as the Choice Freedom Gold Card but please check with the individual companies concerned before applying.


It is interesting to see that there are a number of online catalogue shopping businesses in the UK that provide some individuals who have a bad credit history with a catalogue card to buy items from their specific store and allow the customer to make monthly repayments. However, there may be other catalogue shopping companies that offer customers with a bad credit history alternative purchase and repayment schemes so you may also wish to make further enquiries in that respect before deciding which is the most suitable option for you.