Tesco Bank Launches New Credit Card

Earlier this month, Tesco Bank launched a new credit card that is suitable for people who have struggled to get a credit card from a mainstream lender because they have either never had or had very little previous credit finance. However, even if someone has a poor credit rating they can still potentially apply.

Tesco Bank has recently launched a credit card for people that may have struggled to get such a card due to their credit history or lack of it

Tesco Bank has launched the Tesco Bank Foundation Clubcard Credit Card

It is called the Tesco Bank Foundation Clubcard Credit Card.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age a UK resident, have an income of at least £5,000 per annum, not have one of Tesco Bank’s other credit cards and not have applied for this card in the last 6 months. It is possible to apply online and a credit reference search is carried out as part of the assessment procedure so you could be declined if you do not meet their requirements.

The interest rate is quite attractive as it could be as low as 28.9% APR depending on your “credit score”.

The minimum limit is £250 with this being reviewable periodically by Tesco Bank.

The credit card account can be accessed online where it is possible to check the balance, view your statement and arrange to make one or more payments.

If you shop at Tesco and use this credit card to make purchases then you will earn Tesco Clubcard points.

You can be notified by text when your next monthly payment is due.

It is possible to set up a direct debit to make repayments.

If someone has a good credit rating then they may wish to consider applying for one of Tesco Bank’s other credit cards that charge lower rates of interest or apply for a credit card with another company that offers lower rates.

It is interesting to find that a major company such as Tesco Bank is entering this finance arena.

eccount money

The eccount money current account is available to UK residents who are at least 18 years of age. It is particularly suitable for people that have a poor credit rating including those that are bankrupt as the company do not carry out a credit reference search on you. They will need to identify you and prove you live at the address you say which they will endeavour to do by electronic means.

You can have your salary, wages, benefits or pension paid directly into the eaccount and you can even pay cash in at the Post Office which is free or one of over 23,000 Paypoint outlets. Cheques can be paid in by utilising the postal cheque cashing service.

You can pay your regular bills by standing order or direct debit making this a convenient way of controlling your household expenditure and assist you in your budgeting.

Eccount provides a prepaid VISA debit card that is topped up by transferring funds from your eccount into it. The card can then be used either in the UK or overseas to withdraw cash from ATM machines that display the VISA symbol. It can also be used to purchase services or goods from shops, online or over the phone.

You can access and manage your current account online or through their mobile banking service at any time of the day or night where you can, for instance, check your balance and recent transactions and amend payments.

If you wish to speak to someone, a UK based call centre is provided to deal with any queries you may have.

The online application process is quick and simple to use, often only taking a few minutes and you should receive your VISA debit card a few days later.

There is an application fee of £12.50 and a monthly administration fee of £12.50. There are other usage fees.


The company provides a range of products and services including the Cashplus Current Account that comes with the Cashplus Gold Mastercard card that can be used to withdraw cash from machines, purchase goods and services online, over the phone or in high street shops and can be used overseas as well as in this country. It is available to people living in the UK who are at least 18 years of age.

One of the major benefits is that it is available even if you have a poor credit rating. No credit reference search is carried out. So, even if you have been made bankrupt, you may still apply for one.

You can have your salary, benefits or pension paid directly into your Cash plus Current Account or you could pay in cash. There is no charge for paying funds in. You may be able to set up direct debits and standing orders to pay regular bills. You may even qualify for an overdraft facility of up to £250.

My Cash plus account can be managed online. For instance, transfers and payments can be made. Fees may be payable.

You can apply for a Travel Money Card that can be used overseas as another means of making purchases or taking cash out of cash machines in either Euros or US Dollars.

They also provide 4 types of prepaid Gold Mastercards – Activeplus, Deluxe, Premier and Flexiplus offering different levels of service. It is simple and quick to apply online with no credit reference search being carried out. There are fees for the issuing of a card that varies between £4.95 and £29.99 depending upon the type of account you have. There is also a monthly account fee of £4.95 for the Activeplus account and £9.95 for the Deluxe Account. Other fees may be payable such as usage fees.

The Cashplus Gold Mastercard card is accepted wherever you see the Mastercard symbol around the world.