Bad Credit Help

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having got into so much debt that you have built up a poor credit history with the credit reference agencies you are probably in need of some debt help and advice. Whilst we cannot offer you any specific debt advice, we do provide some interesting information that you should find of benefit. We mention a number of places that you can contact to obtain some help with dealing with your debt problems. Some of the information may also be useful if you are looking into opening a bank account for poor credit.

We talk about things like how you can improve your credit rating, what you could do having got into financial difficulty and how to go about opening a bank account having got a bad credit history.

There are a variety of places that you can seek debt help from to sort out your financial liabilities such as the likes of the Citizens Advice Bureau. There are also debt management companies that charge fees for helping you manage your debts.

Just because you have a poor credit rating does not normally prohibit you from being able to open a bank account online with bad credit. It is usually a quick and easy process.

We provide you with access to a number of companies that you can consider opening what is often referred to as a guaranteed bank account with. They often provide you with a pre-paid debit card, the ability to have your wages or benefits paid in and to set up direct debits and/or standing orders.

Life can be difficult enough trying to sort out matters with the lenders that you owe money to but we hope that you find some of the articles we have prepared in this section a help in dealing with your overall financial situation. Debt help and advice is readily available from numerous sources.